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Corkbuzz Personalized White Wine Profile




Everyone’s wine preferences and palate are different. We believe you should always drink what you enjoy, and with so many wines to choose from, how do you decide what’s best for you?

Our in-home wine profile pack will be perfect for you. Think of it as the “make-up counter experience” or “golf club fitting”, but with wine. A video will lead you through a tasting of 6 different wines to help you deconstruct your tastes, you simply mark a worksheet with your preferences and dislikes in categories we ask. Afterward, you will have a greater understanding of why you like certain wines over others and the specific characteristics to look for when making selections on your own and most important how to communicate your profile to others.

How it works;

Each profile is suitable for up to 2 guests. You'll choose either a white wine or red wine profile. 

You'll be shipped 6 (375ml) half bottles of wine numbered 1-6, The wine labels will be concealed, please don't peak! Included in your kit will be tasting mats, a wine profile card to follow and mark your preferences, and online access to a recorded video with Corkbuzz Owner and Sommelier, Laura Fiorvanti walking you through  tasting and evalutatingyour wines. 

Whether you are a novice or expert, or somewhere in between, your Wine Profile will give you the tools you need to select the best wine for you in any given circumstance.

We want to hear from you afterwards! Send us a copy of your wine profile card by emailing and we'll create a wine tasting profile statement for you. We also offer custom shipment of wines from Corkbuzz to suit your budget, based on your profile. Guests who purchase the profile, enjoy 15% off their custom cases.

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