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USQ | In-Depth Guide to Rhone Valley with Laura Fiorvanti

13 E. 13th Street, New York, NY 10003

The Rhône Valley boast a long history of quality wine production; in fact, the Romans arrived in Southern Rhône in 125 BCE. While this region is often overlooked for Burgundy or Bordeaux, this unique region is one you must add to your radar - full of quality and diverse grape varietals like Syrah, Viognier, and Grenache. You rarely find these grapes anywhere else in France. The Rhône River is dotted with vineyards; however, the majority of the vineyards fall into one of two categories: Northern Rhône and Southern Rhône. In this in-depth class, Master Sommelier Laura Fiorvanti is exploring these two distinct wine regions with six wines; meanwhile, comparing and contrasting their landscape, wines, and production methods while exploring some of the most prestigious appellations within the region.

A note from Laura: "The Rhone Valley is one of the most exciting, diverse, complex wine producing regions in France. So many grapes, styles of wine and beautiful vineyards make this my "go-to" favorite and there is still so much value to be had when seeking out wines from the Rhone. I am honored to join Playbill Travel this April for a Riverboat Cruise of the Rhone River and surrounding towns, whether you are joining us on the cruise or dreaming about going, you should come to class and feel the Southern France sunshine in the glass."

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