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USQ | Exploration of Jura

13 E. 13th Street, New York, NY 10003

It's almost summer time, and that means, it is the perfect time to travel. In this class, we will be taking you through an exploration of Jura. Located just south of Alsace in Eastern France lies the region of Jura. Known best for their red wines (Poulsard (Ploussard), Trousseau, and Pinot Noir) and dry white wines (100% Chardonnay), Jura offers a new option for wine lovers to explore. Join us as we travel to Jura with a flight of wines you won't want to skip.  

Once your class session has ended, we'd love for you to stay and dine afterwards! All class attendees will receive 10% off their meal. If you'd like to make a reservation, send an email to

The Wines

1. Domaine du Pélican Ouillé Savagnin '15 - Arbois

2. Domaine Philippe Vandelle Chardonnay '15 - L'Etoile 

3. Château d'Arlay Corail Rosé '11 - Côtes du Jura 

4. Domaine de la Renardière Ploussard '16 - Arbois-Pupillin

5 .Domaine de St. Pierre Les Gaudrettes Pinot Noir '16 - Côtes du Jura 

or Domaine de la Touraize Les Corvées Trousseau '14 - Arbois

6.  Domaine Pêcheur '09 - Château-Chalon

*Plus - a bonus wine! 

Event Over