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Union Square | Private Wine Pod for 8

13 E. 13th Street, New York 10003

Book your private wine experience with your pod today! We're introducing Corkbuzz private guided tastings, a unique experience from our team of expert sommeliers.

How it works:

All reservations include 6 bottles of wine for up to 8 guests at a private table. A sommelier will lead you through an intimate guided tasting and tailored class, leaving plenty of time for Q & A and time to spend together. Printed materials will be yours to take home. Our famous housemade ricotta is included.

Available Tastings:

Wine Profiles: Gain a better understanding of your wine preferences

Everyone’s palate and wine preferences are different. And with so many wines to choose from, how do you decide what’s best for you? Wine Profiles can help. Think of it as the “make-up counter experience” or “golf club fitting”, but with wine. We will lead you through a tasting of 6 wines to help you deconstruct your preferences. At the end you will have a greater understanding of why you like certain wines over others and the specific characteristics to look for when choosing wine. Choose a white or red profile for your group.

Wine 101

Believe it or not, wine doesn’t have to be unapproachable, and you don’t have to know everything about it to enjoy it OR to start studying it. In this introductory class, we explore the basics of wine, to help you establish a better foundation for future wine knowledge. Join us as we walk through our favorite varieties to explore a range of wine regions, and styles. Topics include: wine storage; decanting; how climate affects wine; the elements of wine; common grape varietals and wine regions; wine production; serving wine; wine and food pairings… and more!  Whether you’re a wine novice or a wine aficionado, this class is the perfect introductory and refresher tasting for any wine lover.

Pinot Noir World Tour

Pinot Noir has likely been grown in Burgundy for more than 2,000 years, but producers in the New World are making iterations of the classically French varietal that are rivaling some of the most coveted wines that Burgundy has to offer. The terms “Old World” and “New World” are often discussed when tasting wine, especially when deciphering the location of the wine’s origin. The differences are derived from different winemaking practices, location, climate, and the effect of the land (terroir) on the grapes and wine itself. From its home in France, Pinot Noir has been adapted to a complex variety of countries, terroirs, climates, and styles. We’ll discuss history, characteristics of the grape, winemaking techniques, where it's grown, and the flavors and aromas you can expect based on terroir, single varietal, and blended wines.

Tour of France

It is impossible to think about wine without thinking about France. France is truly a country dedicated to wine, and great wine, at that. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace: all have their traditions, native grapes, and regional foods. But what makes France so special? In this class, we’re taking a tour of this gorgeous country. First, we're going deep into the underground, dimly lit caves of Champagne to explore our favorite bubbly treat! From there, we're exploring everywhere from the canals of Colmar in Alsace and the infamous hill of Hermitage, to the Loire Valley, as we cycle beside the river from town to town. We'll cover everything from wine laws to classic grape varieties, regions, and more.

Piedmont vs. Tuscany

Do you wonder how to choose between the "Big B's" of Italy; Barolo, Barbaresco, and Brunello? Perhaps you're looking for the perfect Italian Pairing for your Osso Bucco, or Bistecca alla Fiorentina? We're putting two classic and renowned Italian regions head to head: Piedmont & Tuscany. While both are famous for their structured reds, bountiful history, and food culture, these two regions couldn't be more different in their philosophies, grape varieties, climate, and histories. We'll explore both, from Alto Piemonte to Bolgheri, and discuss what makes these two regions so distinctive, their wines so sought after, our favorite producers, and more.

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* Gratuity included.

** For parties of less than 8, guests may take unfinished wine home.

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