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Union Square | Private Wine Pod for 8

13 E. 13th Street, New York 10003

Book your private wine experience with your pod today! We're introducing Corkbuzz private guided tastings, a unique experience from our team of expert sommeliers.

How it works:

All reservations include 6 bottles of wine for up to 8 guests at a private table. A sommelier will lead you through an intimate guided tasting and tailored class, leaving plenty of time for Q & A and time to spend together. Printed materials will be yours to take home. Our famous housemade ricotta is included.

Available Tastings:

Wine Profiles: Gain a better understanding of your wine preferences

Everyone’s palate and wine preferences are different. And with so many wines to choose from, how do you decide what’s best for you? Wine Profiles can help. Think of it as the “make-up counter experience” or “golf club fitting”, but with wine. We will lead you through a tasting of 6 wines to help you deconstruct your preferences. At the end you will have a greater understanding of why you like certain wines over others and the specific characteristics to look for when choosing wine. Choose a white or red profile for your group.

Island Hopping

When one thinks about the islands, they likely think of lobster for breakfast, a nap for lunch, and Pina Coladas at midnight. When we think about Islands, wine is FIRST to come to mind. Islands are also home to many of the world's most incredible, distinct, and enjoyable wines. In this class, we're island hopping, and taking you around the world to some of the most beautiful islands, and the surprising role they have in today's wine world. Some points of interests include the beautiful Canary Islands, Santorini, Sicily, Sardinia, Madeira, and Tasmania! We'll discuss the factors that shape these wines; geology, geography, history, technique, and laws.

Day Tripping: Bordeaux

You can't discuss French wine without first nodding to Bordeaux. Bordeaux has more land under vine than any other wine producing region in France. Located directly off of the Atlantic Ocean, the region has a unique history, dating as far back as the 3rd Century. From age worthy, structured red wines, to dry white wines, and the sweet and fortified wines of Sauternes, Bordeaux sets the caliber for wines across the world, especially those Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot dominated blends. Join us as we explore all that Bordeaux has to offer. Topic of discussion include the principle grape varietals of Bordeaux, the 1855 Classification, top growths of Bordeaux, and wine growing viticulture, regions, and climate.

Tour of Spain

Learn about the major wine regions of Spain, from Rías Baixas to Jerez and everything in between. Within the last 20 years, this wine nation has evolved and today represents some of the world's best value for the quality. This country bridges the gap between the Old and New Worlds, combining tradition and innovation with a fascinating array of indigenous and international grapes and styles. We'll cover: Spanish wine laws and history; major wine regions and their climates, grapes, styles of production, and suggested pairings.

The New California

What's new in California? Plenty. It's almost hard to find a grape or area California winemakers haven't explored. We'll taste and cover: "new school" California wines, from ultra-natural/non-interventionist winemaking to off-the-wall grape varieties, off-the-beaten-path vineyards, and some of our esoteric favorites from emerging stars and regions that are revolutionizing the California wine scene.

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* Gratuity included.

** For parties of less than 8, guests may take unfinished wine home.

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