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Union Square | Private Wine Experience for 8

13 E. 13th Street, New York, NY 10003

Book your private wine experience with your Grand Cru today! Join us for a Corkbuzz private guided tasting, a unique experience from our team of expert sommeliers.

How it works:

All reservations include 6 bottles of wine for up to 8 guests at a private table. A sommelier will lead you through an intimate guided tasting and tailored class, leaving plenty of time for Q & A and time to spend together. Printed materials will be yours to take home. Our famous housemade ricotta is included. 

Available Tastings:

Wine Profiles: Gain a better understanding of your wine preferences

Everyone’s palate and wine preferences are different. And with so many wines to choose from, how do you decide what’s best for you? Wine Profiles can help. Think of it as the “make-up counter experience” or “golf club fitting”, but with wine. We will lead you through a tasting of 6 wines to help you deconstruct your preferences. At the end you will have a greater understanding of why you like certain wines over others and the specific characteristics to look for when choosing wine. Choose a white or red profile for your group.

If You Like That, You'll Love This: Obscure Grapes with Familiar Styles

Stuck in a wine rut? Corkbuzz is here to help! No matter what your go to wine, we can help you explore new styles based on your favorite varietals and regions. Looking for an alternative to Cabernet Sauvignon? Learn why the Cabernet Sauvignon grape creates full bodied wines with black fruit and pronounced tannins, then discover Touriga Nacional from the Douro. Do you always go for the Chianti Classico? Try Liatiko from the island of Crete and feel like you’re on a Greek adventure. Tired of showing up to the dinner party with Pinot Noir? Learn how grapes like Gamay, Frappato, Counoise, and Valdigue make a great stand in with red fruits, mouthwatering freshness, and a lighter body. If you’re used to settling for the Sauvignon Blanc, impress your palate and your friends by ordering the equally refreshing Verdejo, Grüner Veltliner, or Assyrtiko. While you’ll learn about classic grapes, you’ll discover alternative expressions you’ll be seeking out on wine lists and your favorite neighborhood wine store. 

Alternative California

We love California's Napa Valley & Russian River Valley, but these famous wine regions often come with a high price tag to match. We've decided to explore some of the lesser known and up and coming regions; many with old, established vines producing fantastic grapes and wine, often from young and revolutionary winemakers pushing the envelope with organic and biodyanmic farming and a more artisanal approach to winemaking. We'll discuss the history of California to understand where we are, and then we'll highlight alternative grape varieties including Charbono, Carignan, Trousseau, Roussanne, etc., wine growing regions like Sierra Foothills, Lodi, Livermore, and others, and producers who are shepherds of these vines and areas.

Tour of Italy

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the seemingly endless variety of Italian wines? Don't worry, we've all been there. Imagine a land with more than 1,000 native grape varieties and hundreds of regional styles and nuances. It's all part of what makes Italy the inexhaustible spring of delicious and varied wines. In this introductory class, we'll cover the major winemaking regions of Italy and their most famous styles and grapes. We'll taste through six wines from north to south that have each their own flair and long history and regional cuisines.

Perfect Pairings: Wine & Cheese

It’s hard to imagine a pairing more classically perfect than that of cheese and wine. The perfect combination of these two items can create perfect harmony on your palate. Like wine, cheese varies in intensity, quality, boldness, and sweetness, and it also can be characterized by a sense of place or terroir. In this class, we’re pairing six wines with an array of cheeses to gain a better understanding of which cheese types best match your favorite wines. In this pairing session, we’re revealing all the secrets to a seamless marriage of cheese and wine. 

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* Gratuity included.

** For parties of less than 8, guests may take unfinished wine home.

Cancellation Policy: We require a one week cancellation for private pods for a full refund. Wine Experiences cancelled within one weeks time will be subject to a $200 cancellation fee.

Our full dinner menu is available. Please let us know if you'd like to dine during or after your Wine Experience.

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