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Corkbuzz Online | Pinot Noir World Tour

Pinot Noir has likely been grown in Burgundy for more than 2,000 years, but producers in the New World are making iterations of the classically French varietal that are rivaling some of the most coveted wines that Burgundy has to offer. The terms “Old World” and “New World” are often discussed when tasting wine, especially when deciphering the location of the wine’s origin. The differences are derived from different winemaking practices, location, climate, and the effect of the land (terroir) on the grapes and wine itself. 

From its home in France, Pinot Noir has been adapted to a complex variety of countries, terroirs, climates, and styles. We’ll discuss history, characteristics of the grape, winemaking techniques, where it's grown, and the flavors and aromas you can expect based on terroir, single varietal, and blended wines. We'll guide you through our favorite wines, producers, and pairings for this noble grape.

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