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Corkbuzz Online | Perfect Pairings for Mom: Spring & Summer Produce

Before you know it, spring will be here, followed by summer. We can shed our winter coats & gloves and wear lighter sweaters that will eventually lead to bathing suits and flip-flops. As the ground warms, spring vegetables are born, followed by summer produce that is so ripe it tastes sweet. We dream about these seasonal changes and the fun we can have with adjusting our pairings. 

We're celebrating Moms, and all the health and joy they've brought into our life by insisting "we eat our vegetables". Join mom in person or virtually to get in on the fun. Converse during class with the group or individuals in the chat box.

If you like, put a "snack plate" together for our class consisting of the following: (This is intentionally a vague list, so modify as needed and not everything is necessary) Leave something out if you want. Some ingredients have multiple flavors ie: Olives can be salty and acidic. If you can't find a wine or food, just commit to vividly remembering it or trust us when we describe it, this is not meant to add more stress to your day. 

1. Something salty- examples: chips, nuts, popcorn, olives, actual salt

2. Something acidic- examples: cornichons, pickles, a lemon, lime

3. Something sweet- candy, jelly bean, sweet sauce like duck sauce, or bbq or plain sugar

4. Something fatty- charcuterie, rich cheese, butter 

5. Something earthy or rich in umami- soy sauce, earthy vegetables you cooked like leftover mushrooms, raw vegetables, cracked peppercorns or other dried spices that taste earthy

Open a few wines if you have that luxury or use leftover bottles from wines you have had open such as;

1. Something sparkling or other acidic wine: crisp white like Chablis, Sancerre, etc. 

2. Something slightly richer in body like a creamy Chardonnay, a Rosé or Pinot Noir or other light chillable red

3. Something bigger and bolder like a Cabernet Sauvignon, Barolo or other tannic red wine 

Please Note:

-For shipping, some restrictions apply. We CANNOT ship to AL, AR, KY, MI, MS, SD, or UT. If you order for shipping to a state listed, we will have to cancel and refund your order. We apologize for any inconvenience.

-We cannot guarantee wine delivery for orders placed within 5 days of the class date.

- Zoom links will be sent the afternoon of the live class, and the recording will be sent the following day.

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