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Corkbuzz Online | Natural Wines: What it Means & How it's Made

Natural is a buzzword thrown around frequently in relation to wine: but how many of us really understand what this means? By its very nature, a natural wine should be free of additions, manipulations, and excessive tampering. Until recently, this has rarely been a regulated term, confusing consumers and positioning itself as a "fad" or "new" phenomenon. Nothing could be further from the truth. Natural wines have been made for centuries, can be fresh and clean, have a capacity for long and graceful aging, and count themselves among some of the most expensive wines worldwide. So what is a natural wine then? In this class, we'll discuss the process of natural wines, from the vineyard to the cellar, into the bottle, and finally, into our glass. Let us guide you through terms like organic, biodynamic, low-intervention, non-intervention, and more. We'll tour major regions and notable producers of this style to know.

Zoom links will be sent via email on the morning of the class. Follow-up notes are sent the following day.

Check out our wine "backpacks" for the class here or email for custom wines shipped from Corkbuzz for class.

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