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CLT | In-Depth Rhône Valley

4905 Ashley Park Ln J, Charlotte, NC 28210

The Rhône Valley boast a long history of quality wine production; in fact, the Romans arrived in Southern Rhône in 125 BCE. While this region is often overlooked for Burgundy or Bordeaux, this unique region is one you must add to your radar - full of quality and diverse grape varietals like Syrah, Viognier, and Grenache. You rarely find these grapes anywhere else in France. The Rhône River is dotted with vineyards; however, the majority of the vineyards fall into one of two categories: Northern Rhône and Southern Rhône. In this in-depth class, Advanced Sommelier Michael Klinger is exploring these two distinct wine regions with six wines; meanwhile, comparing and contrasting their landscape, wines, and production methods while exploring some of the most prestigious appellations within the region.

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