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NYC | Blind Tasting 12 Bottle Pack & 4 Blind Tasting Videos with Laura Fiorvanti MS


This Blind Tasting 12 Pack corresponds to Laura Fiorvanti's Online Blind Tasting Workshop pre-recorded videos. All wines will ship together and may be tasted with the class, or at your own pace at a later date. Wines will be wrapped and numbered, and 3 wines will correspond with each video. There is no obligation to open all 3 wines for each class. You will receive a link to view the videos when the wines ship. Access to the videos will not expire.

In the first of 4 Blind Tasting classes, we will introduce the tasting grid with a focus on the clues that the "Sight, Nose, & Palate" give in accurately deducing the region, grape, vintage, and quality of a wine. Learn about clarity, color hues, rim variation, gas evidence, sediment and viscosity for the sight; flaws, intensity, families of fruit descriptors, non-fruit, oak and age for the aroma & flavor; and how to detect & evaluate the structure of wine: such as sweetness, acidity, tannin, and alcohol.

In the second of 4 Blind Tasting classes, we will review and compare grapes and wines that have spices or flavors that add spice to wine including lactones, rotundone, botrytis, and thiols.

In the third of 4 Blind Tasting classes, we will review and compare grapes that showcase conditions of fruit in wine including under-ripe, perfectly ripe, overripe, cooked, dried and jammy flavors, grapes that have florals and herbs or flavors that contribute floral/herbaceous aromatics to wine including Esters, Thiols, Pyrazines, and Terpenes.

In the fourth of 4 Blind Tasting classes, we will review and compare wines that have distinct earthy aromas or regions or grapes that express earthiness including geosmin, Brettanomyces, volatile acidity and sulfur compounds.

Each pack contains twelve (12) wrapped & numbered 750 ml bottles.

All orders are available for pick-up at our Union Square location or delivery. Please ensure we can ship to your area. If we cannot, we'll need to cancel your order and refund your payment.

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